Letters to the Editor

Taxpayer rights

Madison County Board meeting minutes show the board voted for levy and budget increases 13 straight years in a row. This must never happen again. Many taxpayers now feel the burden of high property tax bills. A Madison County Tax Payer Bill of Rights (TABOR) would protect property owners from continued over taxing.

Many think taxing is out of control. If voters instituted a Taxpayer Bill Of Rights, Madison County or even state government could not raise tax rates without voter approval and couldn’t spend revenues collected under existing tax rates without voter approval if revenues grow faster than the rate of inflation and population growth. Revenue in excess of the TABOR limit, commonly referred to as a "TABOR surplus", would be refunded to taxpayers, unless voters approve a revenue change as an offset in a referendum. County office holders would have to come to voters for permission to raise taxes.

Do you wonder why property taxes are so high?

Perhaps it’s because the taxpayers are no longer in control. Some fear taxpayers pay to maintain or increase officials’ “Dukedoms” or “bloated government.” TABOR ensures voters are in control of spending within reasonable limits.

What do you think? Is it time for change? Is it time for TABOR?

Philip W. Chapman, Highland