Letters to the Editor

Term limits would curb the political in crowd

Given recent exposes in local newspapers do you think Madison County politics are corrupt? John Acton stated: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

With tenure comes power and influence. It’s worse when one party dominates. Currently, the Democrats have a 19 to 10 super- majority advantage on the Madison County Board. Board Chairman Alan Dunstan has been in county office for 36 years. He’s been County Board Chairman for 14 years.

Perhaps it’s time to limit county office holders to no more than eight years in a particular office.

The Founding Fathers didn’t envision professional politicians running local, state, or federal government. Term limits curtail power and influence. Perhaps we need fresh personalities and ideas in Madison County. Did you notice how the ‘long time incumbents’ fought the General Fund 20 percent tax cut referendum tooth and nail that approximately 10,000 of your fellow citizens signed? Entrenched incumbent office holders used every trick in the book to keep it off the ballot and to keep your taxes higher! “New voices,” “John Q. Public” and “so called outsiders” championed tax cuts! Are you tired where the “political in crowd” leads? Perhaps we should consider term limits in Madison County. Government should be the servants of the people not the people the servant of government.

What do you think? Is it time for term limits?

Philip W. Chapman, Highland