Letters to the Editor

Florida sinkholes

I read the recent BND editorial which provided a great summation of Mark Kern’s long-term ineptitude in solving the MidAmerica Airport dilemma. What is reminiscent of one of those house-swallowing Florida sinkholes has grown exponentially under Kern’s watch. Taxpayers are not only dumping truck loads of money into this bottomless money pit but Kern has pulled our children and grandchildren into the financial fray.

Under ideal circumstance Kern’s 12 year record of airport ineptitude would be reason enough not to reelect him. If a worthy opponent came forward with a cogent solution for the MAA puzzle he/she would have a great shot at unseating Kern.

Unfortunately the situation is not ideal.

His current competition, Rodger Cook, has put up a few posters around the county but little else. Meanwhile Kern has generated bigger than life billboards up and down I-64 and paid political videos on TV as part of his sales pitch.

To make matters worse Kern’s Democrats occupy the majority of the seats at the county board table. Even if Cook could prevail he’d have a hard time herding those cats in the right direction. Like a well-worn pair of slippers, the status quo is just too comfortable.

Just handing it over to the Air Force is not a viable option. Except for the runway what do they really need with all the infrastructure and tenants?

We need a Moses to step up and lead the county out of the cornfields. Hopefully it doesn’t take forty years.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon