Letters to the Editor

Russian blackmail?

We all know that the Russians hacked the Democratic headquarters and have leaked some embarrassing e-mails, causing a chief spokesperson to resign. I hesitate to start a conspiracy theory. I get all up on my high horse when I hear the ones perpetrated by the Republicans. But, does anyone really believe that the Russians hacked the Democratic headquarters and chose not to hack the Republican headquarters? There has got to be some juicy conversations floating out there in cyberspace. Yet, no leaks. A little strange, don’t you think?

A little Russian blackmail going on? A little leverage to hold over Trump if he becomes president? Don’t the Russians know that outrageous comments made by Trump or his campaign have little effect on his loyal followers? He himself has said he could shoot someone and it wouldn’t phase his followers. Sorry, Russia, there is nothing you could leak that would embarrass Trump. He has embarrassed himself and the Republican Party all to heck, and he is still in the running.

Judy Neel, Belleville