Letters to the Editor

Patriots’ Day

Hope everyone had a safe Patriots’ Day, remembering 9/11 honoring all of our heroes. We did as our firefighters and police did, flying Old Glory, our beautiful red, white and blue flags and praying hard to Jesus Christ, our lord and savior, for peace and an end to violence everywhere.

At Cahokia Mounds and in Belleville, they walked with pride and honor. God bless them all. God bless America.

Showing love and kindness and respect matters, as praise the Lord, all lives matter. God created us all, we all bleed red. I thank everyone who helped us at Tom Qualls Foundation for People and Animals Wishing Well Ministry Outreach with our Beat the Heat program at 6103 N. Park Drive, Washington Park.

Now in progress is our Fall and Winter Warm-Up Shelters. We need dog and cat food, kennels, doghouses, hay, straw, tarps, flea and tick medicines, and money. Santa Qualls Warm-Ups for Seniors and Children need blankets, coats, socks, hats, scarves, heaters, tons, stuffed animals and money. Call us at 722-0348 if you can help. Please let us know what your donation is for. Every dollar goes to the program. We are God’s volunteer helpers.

Oh what joy it is to care and share God’s sweet love. God bless America.

Rev. Tom Qualls Sr., Washington Park