Letters to the Editor

Make an effort to curb daily violence

The date, 9/11, the Twin Towers, symbols of foreign terrorism in the USA.

Visualize local cemeteries, certain grave sites, rehab centers, victims of violent crimes, missing body parts, permanent paralysis, symbols of domestic terrorism in the USA — our home.

We should put at least the same amount of effort, manpower and finances into stopping the day-by-day, night-after-night vicious attacks on innocent citizens, tallying up the death count every day on the morning news.

Local officials blame Congress, yet many work to get the same members re-elected over and over because they are members of the same party.

Police say it’s changing times, but I say if things can be turned bad by bad people, things can be remade good again by good people working together demanding change.

Members of the ministry want to stop the killing but say they get no support from public officials.

As citizens, as potential victims, as are our families, we must force change.

When these vicious criminals violate our rights to live, liberty and happiness; safety for ourselves and our families, consideration for their rights over ours is outrageous.

As a beginning, any criminal who commits a crime with a gun should receive a mandatory sentence of 25 years with no chance of parole upon conviction.

The streets of our nation are littered with the victims of violent criminals and this must be stopped! The old ways no longer protect us. More must be said and done

Theodore A. Czapla Jr., Cahokia