Letters to the Editor


Colin Kaepernick/Seattle Seahawks: Why don’t you (plural) use the same logic as 97 percent of business’ in the USA. You, as an individual, can speak up and stand for anything you want BUT, when you are “at work” and you represent an organization (Seahawks/NFL) how about you don’t allow your soapbox to be a venue that is suppose to be entertainment. If we keep allowing any/all players to do such actions/protests (using the Rams “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” as another example) we may see so many people (player/coach/assistant coach/referee/etc etc etc) want to “make a statement” about their individual cause/subject that it will just be a series of “protests” each game.

You may think your statement/stance is, or should be, so important that you want to make it in front of millions of viewers. As we found out with the Rams “Hands up, don’t shoot” demonstration, some of these actions are not only unwanted but actually a farce. Can you imagine each player, or groups of players, that decided to make a statement each week. ... Just picture it

Yes, you have the right, as do those who think you are misguided or just wrong. Now we have to give them the same opportunity that we allotted to you. Right or wrong..

A place and a time for everything.

Kent Fehrmann, Breese