Letters to the Editor

Clinton Foundation

In response to our Carlyle letter writer: The Daily Caller and The Federalist just reported that for 2014, just 5.7 percent of the Clinton Foundation budget went to charitable grants, according to their IRS filings. The foundation spent $91.3 million, but less than $5.2 million went to charitable grants. They spent $34.8 million on salaries and benefits. Another $50.4 million was marked for “other expenses.” At the request of Congress, the IRS launched an investigation in July of this year of the foundation.

Further, the source of a lot of the contributions in past years were from Middle East countries that treat women as second-class citizens and stone homosexuals to death or give them long prison sentences. Investigations show a direct correlation between foundation donations and “pay to play” in State Department and other government agency decisions. The IRS Form 990 for 2014 is a public document for everyone to examine.

Phil Henning, Smithton