Letters to the Editor

Is relaxation of voting rules in best interest?

Lately I have begun to wonder if there is a correlation between voter participation and quality of candidates. If so, it would seem that, in the opinion of many people, the greater the voter turnout, the worse the candidates.

Also, does the relaxing of registration and voting rules have anything to do with it? It used to be that one had to register in advance, I assume in order to provide verification of who you are and where you live, and then show up at the polls to cast your ballet. Absentee voting was only allowed for legitimate reasons. Union contracts had clauses that insured their members had an opportunity to vote. It was serious business as it should be and voters were encouraged to educate themselves and be well-informed on the issues.

Now you can vote by mail for any reason and register and vote on the same day. I am not sure how the verification process works. Votes can be cast early and voting hours extended in some cases. Voting has been made easier, but is that really a good thing? Certainly every citizen has the right and should be afforded the opportunity to vote for who they choose for whatever reason, but does making it easier for uninformed citizens to vote for frivolous reasons, serve any ones best interest?

Just wondering.

Shelby Hamilton, Swansea