Letters to the Editor

Food pantry

On behalf of the Community Interfaith Food Pantry, I wanted to extend our sincere appreciation for the outpouring of community support when we recently announced how bare our shelves had grown. This summer’s need was about 15 percent greater than last year’s so our usual seasonal lull in donations was amplified.

When we wonder about the future of our community, we can have faith that it is on solid footing when we see examples such as this. Community members came from local restaurants, churches and schools to donate. We saw community leaders and those who formerly needed our help donate. We took in about 10,000 pounds of food and enough cash to buy a good supply of food for our community’s needy.

We were also heartened to see the spirit catch on when a youngster from Belleville started a drive to help another local food pantry in Collinsville. It shows that an individual, no matter how young, can be a force for good in our community.

Thank you all, and please keep the giving spirit alive.

Jim Young, director, Community Interfaith Food Pantry, Belleville