Letters to the Editor

Bosco center

On behalf of Caritas Family Solutions, I sincerely thank everyone associated with Belleville Helping Belleville Day — the committee, organizers and the volunteers who contributed to making the day a success. I appreciate the time that was spent making St. John Bosco Children’s Center a more kid-friendly place for the children to live.

The dedicated volunteers worked diligently throughout the day pulling weeds, building a Gaga Ball pit, assembling a cabinet, cleaning brush and trees from the retention pond and potting plants for the new lobby. These wonderful volunteers came together to show their love and to support the children at St. John Bosco who have experienced trauma and neglect.

I want to recognize those that, through their donations, time and expertise, made the day a complete successful: Belleville Helping Belleville; The Basic Initiative; Kaskaskia Engineering Group; David Orlet, president of O’Neil Building Systems in Sauget; Belleville AmeriCorps; Belleville Lowe’s and First United Presbyterian Church in Belleville. We could not have accomplished what we did without their generosity. We also want to recognize and thank the Belleville East YMCA and The Edge for hosting the children throughout the day.

It is truly humbling that so many people took time out of their busy lives to come out on a Saturday to help Caritas make St. John Bosco more homelike. As an organization and individually, we will continue to serve children and families in order that they might experience safe homes, happiness, belonging, and love.

Gary Huelsmann, chief executive officer, Caritas Family Solutions, Belleville