Letters to the Editor

Why not?

Approximately once a month for the last seven years I have written letters to the BND Letters section revealing all kinds of serious improprieties committed by the Belle Valley school board led by president Karen Kunz. Also I have submitted letters concerning school Superintendent Louis Obernuefemann’s conduct and deficiencies.

The question is, “What good has it done?” The answer is, “Absolutely none.” The next question is, “Why not?”

One reason is due to the board’s inability to process the difference between right and wrong due to a lack of values. This is manifested by the fact that no member has acknowledged a misdeed or apologized to the public for their unprofessional behavior. As I have reported in previous letters, the infractions are serious. They have included voter fraud, gross lies, political hiring, cronyism, and more.

Though I have failed to achieve any positive changes, I will continue to draw attention to their unacceptable behavior. Next month I will submit a letter on how the superintendent stacks the board by procuring the appointment of non-qualified individuals who will not hold him accountable for his actions and inactions.

Ted Farmer, Belleville