Letters to the Editor

Religious freedom isn’t freedom to deny others

Why would religious freedom mean you can dictate dos and don’ts, should and shouldn’t to the rest of humanity? Why can’t religions be a catalyst to empowerment for oneself and each other? Why can’t it be a movement to level the playing field so that all are treated with dignity and respect and ensure people all over the world have the basics when it comes to health care, nutrition, housing and a safe environment in which to live? A place where there is Jew nor Greek, Christian nor Muslim, male nor female, black nor white, gay, straight nor transgendered, etc.?

If you believe in a God, why would you presume to control that God into acting in your own interest and not the interest of the rest of this constantly evolving world?

We are only the smallest part of a vast universe so let’s get rid of self-centered, know-it-all idea that we are the center of all and live and let live.

And to quote David J. Busse of Maryville, Aug. 13 in the BND (thank you David): “Religious freedom laws are conscious prejudice and a denial of the rights of others. Religious freedom is not a freedom to deny the freedom of others.”

Anne Harter, Belleville