Letters to the Editor


I’m not quite sure if I’m going to be a voter that’s “deplorable,” but I’m certain that voting for Hillary would be much more horrible.

Although Trump’s utterances can be terrible, Mrs. Clinton’s deception has been unbearable.

What America desperately needs is a patriotic president, whose business dealings are methodical, whose will is indomitable and whose beliefs are truly Constitutional.

Not a morally questionable president, whose business dealings are dishonorable, whose choices are irresponsible and whose ethics and actions are abominable

One thing is indisputable, American voters must be dutiful. Though most choices are unsuitable, we as a nation need no new trouble, nor a leader who is prosecutable, and that is irrefutable.

So, whether Hillary calls anyone “deplorable,” compared to her, all others are adorable. Yes, her opponents may be questionable, but at least they aren’t completely unethical, and like her words and actions, morally reprehensible.

Jeff Babcock, Belleville