Letters to the Editor

Flying the flag

Recently I have seen American flags flown in shades of blue for Blue Lives Matter. Just last week I saw a Facebook post again with the red, white, and blue replaced with the colors of the Chicago Bears. I like and support the police and I like da Bears but will all y’all stop mucking around with our American flag. It is red, white, and blue for a reason and should be so honored.

And while I’m at it; when did every governor, mayor, or even college president obtain the right to fly the American flag at half staff? I believe that the American flag should be proudly flown at the full height of the flagpole and that only on the orders of the president of the United States, or a resolution passed by the Congress should the flag be flown at half staff and then so flown over the entire United States.

I know that often it is for a “good” cause but there are lots of good and tragic causes out there. Again, let’s all respect that Grand Old Flag.

Richard Humphrey, Shiloh