Letters to the Editor

Find another way

I believe what makes America great is not winning wars. We have the capacity to destroy the entire Earth with our nuclear bombs, poison gas and germ warfare and other countries have or very soon will have the same powers. Please think about that — we have to find another way.

Mr. Trump said he would bomb any Iraqis who made insulting gestures to our servicemen and women. Really? Insulting gestures? We’re tougher than that. Unless those gestures are bombs or bullets, just return their gesture with the peace sign and call it a day. Trump would so easily send your kids to fight and die if he feels the least bit slighted. Of course I guarantee it won’t be his kids that fight and die — it will be yours.

Trump thinks his buddy Putin is a better and more respected leader than President Obama. How dare you Mr. Trump! You are proof that money can’t buy class and you are also deplorable.

Kathy Callahan, Belleville