Letters to the Editor

09-26-16 Sound-Off: Terrorist teen, Troy alderman’s drug charges

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Mental illness

There is something in the paper about the terrorist teen, mostly the family’s comment that the defendant doesn’t believe the terrorist was intentionally assisting terrorism, but instead suffers from multiple mental illnesses. I suffer from mental illness also, and I would not begin to know how to contact a terrorist group. I think it is a good idea for Madison County’s State’s Attorney and that the grand jury indictment backs that up to keep him held and responsible for his actions.

Drug possession

The alderman from Troy accused of felony drug possession, he states that if it hadn’t been for the fact that he was an alderman, it would be a non-issue. I doubt that. I hope that’s not true, because he wants it to go away, consider it a weak moment. I was charged with possession of a controlled substance 15 years ago and spent six months in jail and it is still following me. I lost everything, family and have been forced into poverty. I don’t know what he thinks makes him so special that he can go on with his life as if nothing happened.


The Democrats have been saying they hate women and children and now the Republican nominee comes out with a plan to provide tax benefits for working families for child care and make employers pay for paternity leave. Now the Democrats are complaining about that. Are they really saying the Republicans are against women and children, or upset because there is one less thing now that they really have that they can complain about the Republicans.

Hugs for Hillary

The picture I have in my mind every time Hillary Clinton calls someone a bigot or prejudiced, the picture is her getting a hug from Sen. Byrd, the grand wizard. Who’s prejudiced Hillary?

War on drugs

The war on drugs has failed and is continuing to fail. Inconsistent treatment.


There is inconsistency for sentencing for possession of heroin. When Brendan Kelly says for addicts, “They seek treatment because that gets at the demand for heroin far better than prison does.’ That is ridiculous. I had an addiction for eight years and am over it now. It was for prescription pills, and I never even thought about heroin, so for Kelly and whoever else thinks that opioids automatically turn into heroin abuse is a lie. They don’t know that, no studies have proven that.

Housing discretion

About the editorial in the paper about Belleville’s housing discretion being shaky — whatever happened to the Lindenwood College requirement for sprinkler systems to be installed? Has anything been done about this? The reason for the indiscretion in the housing is because Belleville does not hire anybody that knows anything about housing. When you take a former retired cop and give him another pension job as a housing director that should answer your question.


The response to the New York bombings by the presidential candidates” Trump says double down and get tough, Hillary said that we need to wait, don’t jump the gun, wait and find out what happened. Just like Benghazi, blame it on a video. You can’t do one thing and do something else. She is putting down Trump, because he wants to get tough.

Changed parties

Born and raised in East St. Louis, I remember both of my parents being staunch Republicans until the day they died — then they started voting Democratic.


The latest terrorist bomber was part of 859 guys who were accidentally naturalized by the government. They were due to be deported and a snafu in government caused their naturalization. Has anyone been fired or held responsible for this? Reject the other naturalizations, where are all those lawyers when you need them?

Auto costs

If you want auto assembly jobs in America just compare labor stickers on United Sates and Japanese vehicles. Japanese cars have a much higher U.S. labor content than do cars headquartered in the United States. If you like automobile assembly jobs in Mexico or Canada then buy cars with U.S. name plates. Earnings go to the assemblers and stockholders wherever they live. It is just as easy for an American to buy stock in Toyota as in GM. You don’t have to live in Japan. In a global economy both quality and value are optimized — car buyers both in U.S. and Japan benefit. Do you really think that U.S. cars would be of such high quality today if they did not need to compete with cars from Japan, Germany and Korea? Are you really nostalgic for the U.S. heaps of the 1970s?

Don’t worry

Please be assured that the Illinois State’s Attorney will be watching the success of Democratic $5 and $10 vote buying with considerable interest, she is the daughter of Illinois Democrat Party’s most powerful leader, Mike Madigan. Don’t worry.

Dead Americans

We had 63 Americans killed by Islamic terrorists this year. What would liberals, who are complaining that we want to tighten immigration policies, what would they be saying if we had 63 Syrian immigrants killed by Americans this year? They would be going crazy. W e’d be racist, bigoted etc. It’s OK that all these Americans were killed, instead we should have stronger vetting and slow down on immigration on these areas where people will come and kill us. We would be racists, but OK for now on these now stronger vetting, remember that on Nov. 8 — who will protect you?


There has been some articles concerning the conditions of the apartments of West Boulevard at New Lincolnshire. It is deplorable and infested with roaches. The landlord is the bad guy. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. The residents who live there are Section 8, they knocked down the walls, brought in the roaches. They don’t clean and that keeps the place infested. Vet the renters, not the landlord. If you let trash rent your place, you get what you get. Check their past living quarters.

In your hands

I have to say I don’t understand why others don’t understand that the problem with unemployment is in the hands of everyday people. The government doesn’t create jobs, we don’t want them to create jobs. We want them to get out of our way. Normal people have to stop buying foreign cars, buy U.S. cars. Act like you do in a Democracy and control your own future.


Concerning $120,000 for a new roof for the Meredith Home — it’s ridiculous. Gary Karasek and the Diocese were great stewards of that building. Belleville had no business purchasing the building. They have let it go into demise. The roof was new prior to the diocese leaving. Gary Karasek checked it out all was good, now several years later it still looks good. Why is the mayor claiming an issue? The outside façade needs work? The brick looks good. And the building is going to be a low-income senior living facility, which is what it was.