Letters to the Editor

U.S. political system needs an overhaul

Considering the atmosphere of the presidential election, it’s a wonder campaign headquarters aren’t being established in Chuckie Cheeses across the nation and flyer balloons and cotton candy being distributed.

Confidence in our government is shaky at its best but choices for the future are very slim. Considering the feelings of many American citizens, there’s serious questions as to how foreign powers will look at our country and its leaders.

We need a major overhaul of our political system. We need term limits for all elected officials, a limit on the total amount of each candidate’s campaign funds and salary caps for those elected. These and other changes mentioned should apply to all elected officials at local, state and federal levels.

If legislators on all levels deem it necessary to cut services to the American people, then their benefits and salaries should be cut accordingly.

There is no reason that anyone in this country should be without the basic needs of life. These are food, shelter, health care and an education. I define taxation as legalized theft because the original idea of taxes was to provide funds to allow government to provide these needs as well as other necessary services. Today, all we hear is “no money,” starving kids, heat stroke and frozen elderly, schools, fire stations and police stations closed. Yet politicians seem to have plenty of money for their “special” projects and send our resources around the world while we taxpayers pay the bills and do without.

Theodore A. Czapla Jr., Cahokia