Letters to the Editor

Madison school district succeeds together

We all need to work together to build the schools our students deserve. This means we as teachers, parents, students, school administrators and the community must roll up our sleeves to solve our problems. I am the president of the Madison Federation of Teachers and I am proud to say that we signed a contract with the Madison Board of Education that is fair to everyone, especially our students and the community we serve. This was because we worked in partnership at the bargaining table. I would like to thank the school board, our community, Superintendent Dr. Warletta Brookins, the district’s negotiating team, Illinois Federation of Teachers Field Service Director Lana Turley and my team for achieving this goal.

This partnership did not begin nor did it end at the bargaining table. At the beginning of the school year, our union worked with administration, the school board, community groups, Mayor John W. Hamm and Sen. James Clayborne to organize two fun-filled days of back-to-school events for our students. We kicked it off by going door-to-door, welcoming families to another successful school year. Our four-year goal is to become a Blue Ribbon district and this event is one of many actions we have taken to achieve this goal. It’s only the beginning of many great things to come from District 12 and Local 763. We are building on this momentum Oct. 6 with a school and community rally with the theme “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.”

Joe Carrington, president. Madison Teachers Union