Letters to the Editor


In response to Mr. Vail. I previously wrote that Mrs. Clinton is an Original Classification Authority that she should know what is and is not classified, which millions of us peons are taught is protecting “sources and methods.” On the issue of the Non-Disclosure Agreement form, my point was she testified she “did not recall” signing the form, which is incredulous as she was an OCA and you’d think she was trained on her OCA authority.

Mr. Vail, even when I was an airman, sorry to go below your rank, and then as a captain full of hubris, and later a lieutenant colonel, I was taught and inspected by the IG that classified material must have header, footer and paragraph markings, so you’d think as the smartest woman in the world she’d spot that “C” with no “A” and “B” above it and ask questions. His fine credentials don’t excuse that Mrs. Clinton allowed official government information to be sent and stored on a non-government server, classified or not. Perhaps she should have called Mr. Vail in to her office and ask him to teach her the basic classification rules and how to protect classified.

I suppose one could argue that if a police officer is pulled over for drunk driving and tells the other officer “look, I know what drunk driving is, I’m a cop, and I’m not drunk,” that her defense is acceptable.

Phil Henning, Smithton