Letters to the Editor


Dear Republicans: Trump has brought out too much hate from white America. As his polls rise, so does cops killing blacks. Cops even killing Black Panther leaders common black folk didn’t know existed. Yeah, American Nazism can’t wait for Trump to win.

We can’t treat these new generation blacks like this and expect love, unconditionally. Too many Trumpsters love Nixon just like they did Gov. Wallace. Yet, Wallace and Farrakhan begged us to love the other more because they witnessed Christ ... coming back to life while in their hospital beds.

So Clinton winning is the result of neglecting racial reoccurances from the ’60s and more. It’s blind greed for law and order that made the Jewish Holocaust ... a potential American future. Man, I hate to have to vote Democratic bull back, but I will just so cops don’t find me a target ... driving, too.

Derwin Wince, Cahokia