Letters to the Editor

Gas prices

We have seen numerous articles recently in the BND about gas prices supposed to fall. In some areas they are to a degree but not nearly so much around O'Fallon that has turned epidemic. Prices at some of the U.S. 50 stations are bordering on gouging and for no reason but to make more money. There are stations nearby that are charging $1.85 a gallon but if you move onto U.S.50 prices are over 50 cents higher at $2.39 a gallon. What gives?

Wholesale prices on oil and gasoline have been dropping for months now but they never seem to affect this area. In other states where local and state taxes are far higher and are seeing gas down in the $1.85 range too and going down. Not in O'Fallon though, they are going up. They aren't paying more taxes there recently, gas costs all around the same price yet some stations continue to gouge.

Shop around, if you favor one gasoline over another then look in Belleville or stations off of U.S. 50 and you will f ind significant savings of nearly $10 on a 20-gallon purchase. Let these stations know you won't tolerate the continuous gouging and taking of your hard earned money.

John Bauer, New Baden