Letters to the Editor


David Vail and Phil Henning provided BND readers with excellent explanations of data classification and classification law. In Corporate Audit, I also created data classification policies. As Secretary of State, Hillary was one of the highest level information originators, who should have classify her emails according to the information content and individuals she corresponded with. So the real question becomes, why didn’t Hillary classify any of her out going emails? Was it laziness, ignorance, incompetence, or simply a lack of caring who read her correspondence.

Hillary wants America to believe during her four years as Secretary of State and 50,000 plus emails, she never once sent an email to anyone containing any classified information? There is one other explanation for Hillary’s peculiar lack of classified correspondence with foreign leaders, U.S. Ambassadors, or discussions of U.S. foreign policy. Hillary was another Obama picked incompetent stooge. Hillary was a fake, who wasted millions in tax payer dollars flying around the World soliciting Clinton Foundation donations. A very sad commentary for someone who thinks she should be president.

Pete Hill, O'Fallon