Letters to the Editor

ISIS loves Trump

If you are supporting Donald Trump n the upcoming election you now find yourself in the odd position of joining the likes of David Duke, Vladimir Putin and ISIS. Yes good old David Duke, the former grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, is a rabid supporter of Trump’s candidacy for president. Vladimir Putin wholeheartedly endorses Trump for America’s president.

If these two despicable men endorsing your candidate doesn’t alarm you, perhaps ISIS’ praying for Trump to win the election should. ISIS’ goal is for America to show open hostility towards Muslims and the Muslim faith of Islam. America then lends itself to the ISIS message that America persecutes all Muslims and is the enemy of Islam. Trump as commander-in-chief would play right into the hands of ISIS by committing ground troops in the middle east which is the primary goal these Islamic terrorists pray will happen.

The election of Donald Trump would run contrary to everything which makes America great and, most importantly, would play right into the hands of our sworn enemies — ISIS.

Eric Reeve, Belleville