Letters to the Editor

Hillary can’t take our dignity

Hillary, you tried to strip me of my dignity by calling me a “deplorable,” because of my support of Trump. And you want to be my president, a president of deplorables? Oh, wait, you said that only “half” of the supporters are in the basket of deplorables. I wonder which half I am in?

Is it my weekly volunteer service at a local prison as a Bible study teacher that I’ve done for five years, or my volunteer work at my church, or my weekly volunteer service at a local nursing home that I did for about 20 years? Or maybe it’s the half of me that donates to many, many charities and is a dedicated Christian. And you call me deplorable with your cold and calculated smile. At least the worst thing about Trump is his passion for his country, which makes people think he’s over the top. No, you are cold. You say you are for all children. Since you are pro-choice, what about the thousands of babies being tortuously murdered in their mother’s wombs? Are they also deplorables, Hillary? By being pro-choice, you have stripped them of their dignity. Every baby is a person at the moment of conception.

So I will go on being a “deplorable,” donating my money and time to my community and church. But, Hillary, you will never strip me of my dignity as a human being.

Therese Bauer, O’Fallon