Letters to the Editor

Media tells the story it wants to tell

We are being flooded by reports in the media of acts of violence directed toward the minority community but I have to wonder what is really going on here. Recall just a few years ago the media was full of stories of minority churches being burned and it was touted as another sign of racist America. In fact no more Black churches fell victim to arson than Caucasian congregations during that time frame. That factoid was ignored.

Do the stats really support an inordinate or disproportionate number of fatal shootings of minorities by the police? Or are all of us being manipulated? The Left has long courted the support of the minority community. Either by benign foolishness (big heart/empty head) or by deliberate deceit, votes have long been traded for promises largely unfulfilled coupled with the threat of dire consequences for straying from the fold. The Left has again gone to their default setting and warned that the “Deplorable Ones” will come steal your very souls. Beware and be afraid.

Mark Godwin, Lebanon