Letters to the Editor

Sound-Off: How much does Art on the Square cost?

Put the brass back

A policeman was shot, and it said the bullet hit his brass or metal badge and that is what kept him from being killed. Don’t you think that is cause enough to put the brass or metal back on the St. Clair County law enforcement officers?

How much does event cost?

Great, love to hear about Art on the Square and the accolades all about how great it is. How about the BND looks at how tax money is being funneled into this extravaganza. I think you will find that 30 million dollars in receipts and economic impact is about the amount the city dumps into this thing every year. Our tax money taken right out of the TIF funds illegally. What is this really costing the taxpayers?

Whites aren’t the problem

I’m getting fed up reading letters such as Darwin Wince from Cahokia about how the blacks are being mistreated by the police and blaming it on Trump. I’m tired of your black culture. Nothing to do with reoccurrences from the 60s. It is the nature of the beast and the blacks are a lawless society. Watch the news, it’s all black crime. When that changes, you will have less problems with the blacks. Quit blaming everyone else for your screw ups. And that is where the problem is, not with the whites.

Vote coal, not Clinton

I saw a reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton. The headline about coal mining companies in the US. Obama shut down coal mining operations or is over regulating and forcing them out of business. We have a power plant that is going to be shut down because of the coal mining companies closing up. Clinton said she will continue the pace to shut down all coal mines in the US. We need those jobs. How are we to survive?

Trump is the right choice

The upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump could turn the country around. Job and home losses and insurance losses. The good life is gone, replaced with struggling. Voting for Hillary will perpetuate this spiral of economic depression. We need new people with good business sense. The US is trending downward. Don’t believe the reports you hear.

Trump will save the U.S.

Trump can help turn this country around again, I know too many people who were lifting the good life and are now struggling and have been for the last 10 years. Someone who votes for Clinton votes for what Obama has done to this country. Very poor economic decision, trade decisions. People are hurting. It will take someone in business who know how to work with people, and lead those people. Or we are looking at the end of the U.S.

Kern didn’t save the levees

I’m watching on TV, political advertisement by Mark Kern and he is touting as though he is responsible for protecting businesses and jobs by getting the levees fixed for flood control. If I recall, I believe it was the citizens who had to agree to a sales or property tax increase to get the levees fixed. It wasn’t Kern it was the tax payers who got these fixed. Taking credit for what the taxpayers did, makes you a low life liar.

Double standard for blacks

As reported on the news, a white woman in Cahokia driving through a fast food restaurant, was attacked in her car by 12 to 15 black youth who surrounded her car, kicking it, spitting on it, threatening her, breaking her car apart, calling her names. Turn that around, if that was 15 white yout doing it to a black woman it would be an automatic hate crime and the FBI would be down there. But when a white person gets attacked by blacks, that’s not a hate crime, that’s reparation for being a slave 200 years ago.

Obama’s allegiance to Saudis

It’s been extensively documented Saudi Arabia was one culprit in the 9/11 attacks because they gave financial support to the people who did the actual bombing on World Trade Center. Yet Congress just passed a law that would allow 9/11 survivors file suit against Saudi Arabia and President Obama vetoed the bill, what does that tell you about his alliances? That’s why we need Donald Trump, somebody who is going to make America great again. Anyone who participates and supports anyone who attacks us will pay for it. Hillary will do the same as Obama, unlike Trump who will stand up for Americans.

We need charity, too

Are there charities that donate to rural areas? Every time I donate or see an ad on TV it’s always below the hill. Rural America needs help, too. If they could pint a list, it would be wonderful.

College isn’t free

I paid for my kids to go to college. Who do you think is going to pay for this FREE College? The parents, grandparents.

It’s the Democrats fault

Immediately after this train wreck we have Nancy Pelosi leading the charge and blaming it on the Republicans for not putting in the safety devices. How many times have we had Democratic Senates? Didn’t Obama the first two years control the House and the Senate? Passed in the 1990s, how come they didn’t fund it? You can’t blame it all on the Republicans. Hillary has been there for 30 years. What makes you think she will follow up on any ideas?

Who will pay for free college?

When you go to vote, what is the most upsetting to me is when a candidate can stand up there and say, “If you make less than $125,000 you can go to college free.” I paid for my kid’s college. When they left home they did not have any bills. Who do these young adults think is going to be paying for this? It will come back to them eventually. Somebody is going to be paying the bill. Stop and think about it, maybe their parents should discuss it with them. An 18 year old will tell you he is going to college for free, and he means it. You don’t go to college for FREE. Think before you vote, your future depends on it.

Blame the parents

I just saw parents walking down Illinois 160 next to Walmart with their toddler, not holding their hand. What if that child gets distracted and runs away out into the street, she will be dead. Come on parents, don’t you know anything about parenting?

Apartments won’t help Metro

The opinion on the Apartments being of value to the MetroLink, states that these apartments are for low income active seniors who want to use the rail system to go to Cardinals games, and use bike trails. I don’t consider $500 rent for low income people, when social security payment is $800 a month. Don’t think the bike trails and Cardinal games are on their agenda of things to do.

Where’s the update?

What ever happened to the Scott Union employee that was to be sentenced on Federal charges for embezzlement? Suddenly nothing is there, it would be nice to find out what is taking place.

Justice system is broken

I’m aggravated after reading the story about the East St. Louis man who threw his gun in the woods and ran from cops. He got 21 months in prison where we all know he will serve 6 months. I don’t want to read a statement in the newspaper again, from police departments, states attorneys, judges, anybody in the Court system about getting tough on felons in the possession of guns. That is not getting tough. That guy was a felon, in possession of a gun and should be doing 20 years, not 6 months. I’m discussed, the justice system is so broken it is pathetic.

Go to stupid prison

After reading the article about the East St. Louis Township offices, and the supervisor stealing all that money. Does Illinois have a stupid prison, because Oliver Hamilton should be there.

Blame the doctor first

Have you seen the TV commercials inviting you to sue the manufacturer if you used talcum powder, one of the causes of ovarian cancer. Since your gynecologist should have known this for years, did he ever tell you not to use talcum powder?

Hospital isn’t retail

Since when does Anderson Hospital private rooms rate a notice in the retail section? Since when has the hospital become a retail clerk place when you really should be putting it on the front page, get a life.

Moderator backs Hillary

Why am I timing both of these debates, the moderator isn’t doing his job. The moderator isn’t doing anything to help Trump, favoring Hillary. The fact check isn’t even right.

Trump is an embarrassment

The debate tonight, Donald Trump doesn’t have it to be President. He cut off the moderator many times, interrupted the other candidate. He doesn’t want to pay taxes, otherwise he would reveal his income taxes. Everything is about money, no common sense. He would be an embarrassment to the whole country.

Politicians should change

There needs to be a change. No attention from any politician except when they want to run for office. Know your candidates, where are they when elderly don’t realize their tax bills are too high and because of tax bills and medical, they lose their home to foreclosures. Focus on this.

How can Hillary run?

Just turned 86 years. Can’t believe Hillary Clinton who has broken the law for so many years can be allowed to run for the highest office in this country. What is this world coming to?