Letters to the Editor

Not all Trump supporters are racist

In a recent edition a letter entitled “Trumpeters” stated Donald Trump is causing hatred among whites toward blacks. I’m sorry, but the letter writer isn’t speaking for me or anyone I know who supports Trump.

I don’t hold any hatred toward any race on account of their skin color or any other excuse. I’m insulted this man feels he can spout out a statement including all the Trump supporters. There are plenty of reasons to support Trump and racism is not even in the list of reasons I support him.

The deaths we are seeing on TV where the police were involved and the suspect was black are only news because of how the press is exploiting the situation and exaggerating it to sell more advertising. I’m tired of hearing another black man was shot by police but rarely will the press tell us when the shoe is on the other foot and a non-black was shot by police or when a white or other non-black is murdered by someone not of the same color. This slanted reporting is causing severe damage to this country.

To say more blacks are being murdered by police because of Trump supporters is outrageous and insulting. What isn’t said is the murder of blacks by other blacks is climbing uncontrolled and no one is focusing on that. Perhaps Mr. Wince should take his hatred of us Trump supporters and focus it on that.

John Bauer, New Baden