Letters to the Editor

Trump might have ADD

Donald Trump’s debate performance really disappointed me. I had hoped he would be more of an executive revealing the skills he uses to run his conglomerate. Instead, I watched as he couldn’t answer a single question with a cohesive thought. I mean, he couldn’t even finish a complete sentence before he was injecting another totally unrelated thought. I was embarrassed for all Republicans who are hoping for a similar reveal before Nov. 8. Yes, it was no different than everything he’s done for the past year, so why should I have hoped for anything different?

And then the epiphany occurred — it’s not an act. As I thought through this, it dawned on me I had seen this before many times in people who have Attention Deficit Disorder. This common thread of injecting seemingly random extraneous ideas in a single response has persisted through his entire campaign and shows he is incapable of maintaining focus on one idea. His own campaign staff stated he doesn’t like to spend much time in preparation and prefers to wing it. They reported that’s what he did Monday night, and it showed. But it also reinforced my belief that he suffers from ADD because without medication to help him focus on the preparation materials and disparate inputs from professional coaches, he simply can’t retain it.

So, what happens if he becomes president? How will he handle the inundation from the members of his cabinet, the National Security Council, and his White House staff?

David Vail, O’Fallon