Letters to the Editor

Another sign of Obama’s incompetence

The Inspector General revealed the Department Of Homeland Security mistakenly gave U.S. citizenship to 853 illegal immigrants, who were all scheduled for deportation. In all, the IG identified 1,800 illegals, waiting for deportation, were mistakenly given U.S. citizenship. Making matters worse, all the illegals were from countries identified as posing a national security problem for the U.S., such as Syria, Afghanistan, etc. What a shameful display of U.S. Immigration incompetence!

So far, only 120 of the high security risk illegals have been tracked down. Some had jobs as cops and security personnel at airports. DHS doesn’t have a clue where the remaining illegals are. The DHS explanation for this inconceivable level of stupidity is, “we need more money.” Doesn’t give you a warm fuzzy feeling about our nation’s security with Obama DHS appointee, Jeh Johnson, in charge?

Obama has a history for appointing incompetence to head federal agencies. Starting with Obama’s 2009 failed ATF Operation Fast and Furious, and the fatal shooting of a Border Patrol Agent. America has witnessed failure after failure, scandal after scandal, including the IRS, DOD, FBI, Secretary of State, and now DHS. Obama’s continuing culture of incompetence and stink of corruption has permeated throughout every government agency.

Now emails surfaced specifically authorizing weekend and evening overtime for Immigration and Naturalization employees, so they can rush the approval of as many applications for citizenship as possible before the November election. Obama believes new Hillary voters are more important than America’s national safety.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon