Letters to the Editor

Lesson for today

Hey kids, the lesson for today is to not turn the other cheek. If a person isn’t aesthetically pleasing to your eye, or if you don’t care for their opinion, it is perfectly fine to call them names (Trump took the opportunity to call out his long-time nemesis, whom he has referred to as a “true loser,” “slob,” “unattractive,” “disgusting” and a “degenerate”) and everybody deserves to be denigrated publicly if you don’t like them. (“I said very tough things to her and I think everybody would agree that she deserves it and nobody feels sorry for her.”)

And it’s a most attractive trait if you are a public figure, say the president of the USA. Forget manners, or being polite or should I say diplomatic — in today’s society you gotta say what you mean at the expense of somebody else’s reputation and feelings. That’s not going to cause fights on the playground now cause everybody is going to be nasty and mean, right? Yeah, that will solve all the violence in the world. Not!

Nancy Bronke, Fairview Heights