Letters to the Editor

Clintons get a pass while Trump takes the heat

Question:Hillary Clinton: How did this “public servant” and her rapist husband gain a net worth of $300 million doing “the people’s business?” Answer: Giving speeches to Wall Street and banking tycoons she says she hates at $250,000/speech. Taking money from multiple Muslim countries where woman are fifth-class slaves. But yet, we are supposed to be all worked up about Donald Trump chastising a past Miss Universe named Machado (20 years ago) about being too fat to represent the title in a beauty pageant she competed in. The contest has never been for plump beauties and its part of the job requirement. Ask any NFL player how long they last if they gain 50 pounds — that affects their job requirements.

Question: Why are all the powerful and corrupt lobbyist whores of business and politics (most Democrats and many Republican) so set against Donald Trump? Answer: They fear Trump is going to break up their con game on the American people and actually hold government and their lobbyist whores accountable with decisive retribution. They make a lot of money using our money and are not about to give it up. If any of us were Hillary or her husband and had done what they have done, we would have been arrested, indicted, and in an orange jumpsuit enjoying the company of our federal prison inmates. Remember when she speaks next debate, keeping in mind that there is one set of rules for her class and one decisive set for the rest of us.

Brent Rains, Collinsville