Letters to the Editor

Opinions, not news

I have always been under the opinion that editorials, being opinions, were confined to the editorial pages.

I also thought news articles were to be just that, and appear in the news section of the paper.

I find, apparently, my understandings were wrong.

On page one of the Saturday edition is a news story defending the Democratic senatorial candidate, Tammy Duckworth, against charges by Republican candidate Mark Kirk. Those comments are the author’s understanding of events, not news. What is true is up for grabs, depending on who is spinning the story.

On page 1C I read another editorial, masquerading as a news story. This applied to the author’s opinion as to Donald Trump being “fake” in his comments. It gives credit to Clinton. The comments “Clinton offered hope,” “Trump strokes fear,” is the author’s opinion, but not a “news” item.

I have no problem with people stating their opinions, but I still believe opinions should be confined to the editorial section, not presented as a “news” item.

Bo Davis, Glen Carbon