Letters to the Editor

Veterans needed to keep G.E.M. Post 937 going

To all Smithton area veterans:

In December 1945 Smithton area veterans met to select a name for their new American Legion Post. It was decided to name the post after three Smithton men killed during World War II, Harold Germain, Erwin Espenschied and Peter Munier, using the first letter in each last name as in G.E.M. Post 937.

In 1952, Legion members purchased the Herold Tavern on Main Street which was built in the mid 1860s as a bar and hotel and has been operating as a bar ever since.

When I joined the Legion 40 years ago, we had 140 members, today we have 65. With a population five times what it was then and more veterans than ever in Smithton we are still losing members.

I am inviting all veterans to come join your fellow veterans in the American Legion, get involved, we are veterans helping veterans. Our meetings are held at our Legion Post (Schmitty’s Bar) the second Thursday each month at 7 pm. If membership keeps declining, our Legion will eventually fold and no longer exist. If you know someone who is a veteran, tell them about us.

Ray Klein, mayor of Smithton and proud veteran