Letters to the Editor


Once, the framers figured out the way to unite the states without trampling on the rights of state governments. Arizona’s experience with illegal immigration illustrates the importance of the balance of unity and liberty. Some are trying to take both away.

In 2010, the governor of Arizona tried to enforce the existing immigration laws because the state was being flooded with illegal immigrants from south of the border. The federal government, deciding for reasons of its own that it did not want the border laws enforced, initiated legal action against the state. It is questionable whether that kind of federal interference helps to establish a more perfect union.

Fortunately, our system is designed to prevent the federal government from trampling on the rights of the States with impunity. Arizona could file a counter suit, or wait for the Legislative branch to produce new legislation, or for the Judicial Branch to strike down unwarranted intervention.

Will we in November go along with this Government-Knows-Best for everything, or will we vote for changing this idea?

John Schrand, Belleville