Letters to the Editor

Weight gain

When I read Gerald Montroy’s recent “An outrageous double standard” letter and I immediately thought of tennis legend John McEnroe. One of his more memorable outbursts directed at the chair umpire was, “You cannot be serious!”

Like it or not beauty pageants, especially at the highest level, are big-big business. Alicia Machado self-reported her weight at 116 pounds at her 1996 coronation. A 12-pound weight gain (the Orlando Sentinel reported it was 22-50 pounds) by a newly crowned Miss Universe, selected at least in part for her slim appearance, might well be seen as significant and not in a good way.

That would be like hiring Rapunzel for a TV shampoo commercial only to have her show up at the shoot with a new pageboy haircut.

On the other hand, America certainly wants and deserves a healthy president. The 6-foot, 2-inch Trump could stand to lose a few pounds but fortunately presidential candidates aren’t required to saunter across the stage in a revealing swimsuit.

Weight gain is not currently a crime in the U.S. If it were our already crowded jails and prisons would be positively bulging at their seams.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon