Letters to the Editor

Working hard

The Democrats are working hard to bring down Donald Trump. The latest is that he deducted $950 million or so on one of his tax returns. At his level of business that is not a scandal and the NY Times, Hillary and Bill have done similar — all legal under the law. If you want to focus on real scandal then just think of Illinois Government, Federal Government and about any Democrat program rammed down our throats and we are expected to pay more taxes to fix it. When “Big Government” makes a billion upon billion dollar mistake with horrible consequences, they answer with “new, reformed legislation” that only makes the problem worse. So when you think “scandal,” “think government” — local, state or federal. Private business can’t compete with their deceit and incompetency. Hillary Clinton has more scandals in her lifetime than Al Capone had booze shipments. Give me Trump any time.

Brent Rains, Collinsville