Letters to the Editor

What a crock

The AP story “Half of Trump backers don’t trust vote count,” Sunday, Oct. 2, BND asserted that “fears of voter fraud are unfounded. There is no evidence it is a widespread problem.” What a crock.

Let me cite a few pretty famous examples.

Example one is the Chicago election returns in the 1960 Presidential election. It’s been clear for decades that the Chicago mafia lead by Sam Giancana delivered enough votes to swing the election to JFK.

Minnesota was the only state that didn’t vote for Reagan in 1984, going instead for favorite son Walter Mondale under very questionable circumstances. That didn’t matter in the 49-1 butt kicking Reagan laid on the Democrats in 1984 so little was said of it. A few years later Al Franken’s Senate win over incumbent Norm Coleman wasn’t completed until after months of recounts that included about 400 votes from felons who were legally prohibited from voting. He won by about 300 votes.

Recently the guy who shot up a Washington state Macy’s store had voted three times even though he isn’t a citizen and 19 dead WWII vets registered to vote in Virginia.

The opponents of voter ID say there is no history of proven voter fraud. Well, DUH, the winner who benefited from the fraud isn’t likely to seek a conviction. That professor who claimed to find only 31 cases out of 1 billion votes is either very stupid or very dishonest.

Gary Duff, Swansea