Letters to the Editor


I recently gave consideration to letting my BND subscription lapse, but finally decided to renew, mostly for the local news and sports. Much of the national and statewide reporting is not news at all; it’s dishonesty, advocacy and hypocrisy, with a liberal dose (pun intended) of idiocy thrown in.

The Oct. 1 issue is a perfect example. On the front page, an AP article, under the heading of “state news” criticized a Mark Kirk campaign ad, saying it omitted key facts. Nothing in the ad was false, mind you. Why on earth did the AP critique a campaign ad, under the guise of “news,” and more importantly, why did the BND grant it relevance by displaying it on page one, pretending it was, in fact, “news”?

In that same section, a McClatchy article purported to give “the real story of how a Miss Universe became part of the presidential race.” Talk about omitting key facts; this Miss Universe has reportedly threatened the life a federal judge in Venezuela, preformed in a pornographic video, which the New York Times absurdly insisted wasn’t a “sex tape,” and has given birth to the child of a drug kingpin, none of which appeared in the article. But she’s a useful weapon against Donald Trump, so her credibility goes unquestioned.

Hillary defended a rapist who brutally attacked a 12-year-old girl, and laughed about it, but the media spotlight Trump because he said, “Miss Piggy.”

Edward Nowak, Belleville