Letters to the Editor

Put aside texting, spend time with your kids

The other day cutting grass in O'Fallon I saw a dad with a small child in a red wagon pulling it down the street. How nice that looked. As it ended up he was heading to the school to get his other child. The sad part of this story is that on the way back he had his two young kids in the wagon and he was on his phone texting or looking at face book or what ever but he was not the least bit interested in what the child from school may of had to tell him.

I had two kids so I know when they have been away from you doing anything they have lots of important things to them they want to tell you. Parents listen to what your kids have to say and look at your phone when they are done and you are alone.

I see that so many times each week as I am cutting grass parents with there kids and the phone over rides all comment sense taking time with your kids. In just a heart beat they are gone and on there own.

Enjoy them now and make mummeries.

Rodney R. Ringgenberg, Belleville