Letters to the Editor

10-10-16 Sound-Off

Our readers respond to the week’s events:

Get rid of TIF

We have to stop the way the TIF works for these big corporations. They told Belleville there would be a big brewery, hotel, soccer field, restaurants, where are they? The residents need to vote on the TIF. And vote it out. Get rid of the TIF or get rid of the mayor. Give our money away and our taxes go up.

Syrians in Clinton houses?

How many Syrian refugees live in the different houses that the Clintons own? And they want us to take in 6,000 more? Let them live in their house.

Yes on gas amendment

The proposed constitutional amendment in the paper limiting the collection of our gas tax expenditure strictly for projects like the highway department and vehicle traffic should be commonplace throughout our state. Any state money collected for a specific item should be spent on that specific item or cause or whatever, instead of being thrown into a general pot and distributed all over for other uses for which it was never intended. This proposed amendment to restrict the expenditures of our gas tax is a first step in straightening out this state’s economic mess.

Dumb enough for Trump?

Most of the voters in the Republican primary did not want Trump to be the nominee, but he did win a plurality. Now, are we voters dumb enough to elect him president? Hope not.

Illinois Street’s endless work

I attempt to drive down Illinois Street, and the rat maze is still going. When is this stupidity going to be done? How long does it take to put in new curbs and resurface a section of the street? How long before Eckert’s payoff to the construction laborers is done? How long before his tribute to himself, the great Mark Kern entrance to North Belleville is finished?

Give me GOP or give me death

After all the useless debates, ads, name calling and polls, it just comes down to two options, the Democrat platform of death, destruction and socialism or the Republican platform of life, democracy, and freedom. Take your pick and live or die with it. After eight years of death under Marxism, we are ready for life under freedom.

Trump is neither

Donald Trump, there is a big difference between acting presidential and being presidential, unfortunately Trump is neither.

Taxes in Swansea boom

Swansea, is it because you are having our assessment on our real estate taxes frozen, that my real estate assessment went up 28.76 percent this year. Swansea residents, look at your notice to taxpayers of assessment change and complain.

Rival with drooping eyes

Trump’s sniffing and deep breathing, so what. I wonder, does his rival drink before the debates. Trump is serious, this rival is barely able to keep the eyelids open. And it reminds me of bride of Frankenstein when she does. Like watching someone asleep standing up. Nothing humorous about the condition my state and my country is in. Just name one thing this rival and her cohorts have done for the state of Illinois? Durbin running for governor, that’s a joke.

Mayor Eckert on Lindenwood board

Anyone find it a conflict of interest that Mayor Eckert sits on the advisory board of Lindenwood and continues to allow them to violate ordinances while taxpaying citizens are held to a more stringent standard? Vote him out in April.

Democrats for themselves

I really hope that people who normally vote Democrat because the Democrats are for the workers, have realized that this current crop of Democratic candidates aren’t for the workers, they are for themselves. They are in it to get what they can from the public trough and take as much as they can as fast as they can. Emperor Kern has made his empire of St. Clair County. All the County Board has become is a rubber stamp for what Kern wants. Wake up St. Clair County.

Hyde Amendment

Does this government follow the laws of the land? What is the Hyde Amendment?

Where is the proof?

Only two things can warm the earth, the sun and a volcano can warm the atmosphere. Been saying that history is in is totally wrong, where‘s the proof?

Deciding via veep

I’ve been listening and deciding who to vote for, listening to the VP debate. Why should we believe your candidate? Tim Kaine made up my mind. His answer was not about what Hillary can do for you, his running mate, but it was about how terrible Donald Trump was. If you can’t tell me as the potential VP of this country what your running mate is going to do for us, as a country, I’m not going to vote for you.

Spill hikes gas prices

An oil spill in Alabama and oil prices shoot up. The price of gas is now $2.39 in Belleville and the surrounding area. I live in Highland and the city does not gouge the people, their price is still $2.09.

Deplorable to Marxists

Yes, common, patriotic working people are deplorable in Marxist Socialist opinion. I’ll admit I am deplorable to them. And I will cast my vote against all Democrats because I think they are morons for supporting someone like Clinton.

Clintons corrupt FBI

The situation with the FBI is the worst thing I have ever heard of. This organization has always been in question about integrity, and this Jim Comey has destroyed it and set the FBI back to Day One. The Clintons corrupt everything they come into contact with. The Justice Department, the State Department, the head of the FBI to do this cover-up, any sixth-grader would know this is a cover-up. All FBI agents and field offices in this country should contact them and let them know how upset we are with the FBI.

Belleville housing discretion

Eckert, Alderman Wigginton and city attorney Horner all supporting the discretionary judgment given to Bob Sabo regarding ordinances. He gets to decide who must follow the rules, it was his discretion that forced the residents out of Rob Nora, that complex did not fall apart overnight. Who passed the previous inspection? The discretion allowed Lindenwood University to illegally occupy houses for three years the discretion is now costing taxpayers $120,000 to repair a city owned property, the Meredith Home.

Kaine rude in VP debate

I watched the VP debate, never saw such rude behavior by Tim Kaine, who constantly interrupted not only Gov. Pence, but also the moderator when he wanted to get his two cents of nothing in. It seems like when the moderator would ask him a direct question, he never addressed the question, he went off on a tirade on how the great exalted Hillary is and what a rat he perceives Trump to be. Just think people this could be the president. You think about that. Do you want that man sitting in the White House?

Climate deal is bad for U.S.

To get the true picture on this climate deal, just follow the money. The United Sates gets screwed again.

Charges for mishandling e-mails

The news just broke this morning that a contractor working for the National Security Administration has been indicted for the mishandling of classified emails. It sure didn’t take him long to get him, did it? Any of you Hillary lovers that don’t believe there is a double standard, watch the news and see for yourself. He took some papers home with him, she spread them out on the internet for everybody to see. Looks like the fix was in.