Letters to the Editor

Voting by mail

A recent letter stated that “Voting by mail is a bad idea.“ It caught my attention. The writer stated that there were two reasons that he opposed it. “First, it gives corrupt precinct committeemen more than five weeks to buy votes and allows them to mark the ballots and mail them in themselves.” My response: My (honest) committeeman gave me a postage paid/pre-addressed to county clerk envelope with an Application For Vote By Mail Ballot to be mailed directly to me — filled out by me then returned in the pre-addressed official envelope to the county clerk — not my committeeman. Committeemen are out of that loop.

He then went on to say that: “Second, with early voting, voters are actually voting in two different elections because the information available about the candidates will be very different over a five-week period”. Also, that a candidate could even be charged with a crime right before election day — die — and an early voter would never know. My response: OMG! Make no mistake — early voting is a good idea if it suits your situation.

As to the five weeks early — as with most voters, my mind was made up long ago. By the way, the letter writer was Timothy Buchanan, and he works for the Village of Swansea. Lord only knows where he came up with that stuff.

Hans Baumann, Swansea