Letters to the Editor

I don’t care

I have received my political flyer from the St. Clair County Democratic Party denouncing Bob Romanik and his “bought-and-paid-for ticket” of misfits. I noticed the return address on the flyer was 26 E. Washington St. in Belleville. Guess who has an office at this address? You are correct if you guessed the “leader of the pack”.

Why is the Democratic Party of St. Clair County running scared? Maybe, because this band of misfits have been working very diligently to try and bring a two-party system back to St. Clair County and the current Republican leaders of St. Clair County have failed miserably to provide viable candidates. Wake up people, the status quo in St. Clair County and the state of Illinois have been sucking the taxpayers dry and there will be no end in sight unless the voters go to the polls and make changes.

Personally, I don’t care if Romanik is a two-time felon because he is playing within the rules established by career politicians who wanted to reward workers that took falls for bigwigs. Does anyone remember Charles Powell?

Gary L. Cox, Belleville