Letters to the Editor

FBI image

All Americans believed the virtues of the FBI were both incorruptible and impregnable. We perceived this agency to be a foundational part of our justice system. We were secure and confident in the knowledge that the FBI could not be bought. In our collective mind, American justice would never be subverted as long as the FBI was at work to guard our most cherished principles of fairness and legal uprightness.

And so it was throughout the decades until Bill Clinton surreptitiously met with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac in Phoenix. Life changed for all of us on that day.

Make no mistake about it. Barack Hussein Obama was willing to compromise a highly revered agency to protect Hillary Clinton. In a nearly unprecedented maneuver, the FBI threw away generations of historic credibility by wrongfully proclaiming Hillary Clinton's innocence. In effect, FBI Director James Comey’s actions made it appear as if his agency, and not Obama’s Justice Department, had the plenary authority to preemptively shield Hillary Clinton from being required to account for any criminal misdeeds she may have committed.

We should all be exceedingly saddened when it seems as if our laws are not uniformly applied and enforced. More importantly, however, is the shockingly stark realization that we, as individuals, must personally protect the national standards we hold dear.

We are the ones who must carry the banners of justice. Let us hereafter carry those banners with fiercely incorruptible and impregnable resolve.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville