Letters to the Editor

Your vote will count — only if you do

Why does TV and media try to swing voters to choose ones for political office?

You don’t have to be a college graduate or super rich to think for yourself!

The money, time and efforts wasted in debates and advertising, fund-dinners and fund-galas (that are just more Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest) could have been better spent on fixing America’s poorest areas and creating jobs and opportunities for ones who want to be less dependent on others; have a better lifestyle and give their children a brighter future.

What good is our political leader if only the elite and big business rule over the middle- and low-classes? That’s not equality — it’s domineering and snobbish!

We know who we want to be our best leader and we don’t want one who’s a liar or a loser.

To all the legal voters — yes, your vote will count, but only if you do!

Elizabeth Hettick, East Carondelet