Letters to the Editor

O’Fallon geese

Geese are being killed at the O’Fallon wastewater treatment facility as a means to control the population. City council members recently received information about humane, non-lethal alternatives to killing the geese.

One of the alternatives includes habitat modification with tall native plantings to replace the turf grass typically associated with attracting geese. Anywhere that we are creating large expanses of turf grass adjacent to water sources, we are creating an artificial habitat that attracts geese to take up residence and prevents them from completing their normal migration north. The geese eat the young turf grass and the short grass allows them to feel safe from predators. In the natural environment, water sources typically are surrounded by tall native plants and trees which is less inviting for geese and discourages them to take up residence.

Habitat modification is an easy, manageable step in implementing a humane, non-lethal approach to managing the geese. Please contact O’Fallon city council members and the mayor and let them know that killing these geese is not acceptable and insist on a non-lethal, humane approach.

Doreen Kelly Forbes, O’Fallon