Letters to the Editor


David Vail has had an epiphany! Donald Trump has Attention Deficit Disorder and some how this precludes his ability to be president. Vail is no more an expert on mental disorders than he is on the Constitution. People with ADD are more prone to think outside the box and while they can be very creative they can prove to be challenging to deal with or work for but in no way does ADD render them incapable of running a business or administer high office. The CEO of one the major airlines in this country has ADD. Shall we fire up the DSM-5 and have a look at Hillary by contrast? This person exhibits characteristics of a serious personality disorder with narcissistic overtones.

Having been in the Mental Health field for 30 years I have worked with and even worked for people just like Ms. Clinton. They are self absorbed, self serving and manipulative. Nothing is ever their fault, rules and ethics do not apply to them. They do no suffer dissent and have no qualms at destroying those who get in their way. Hillary Clinton is dangerous and no amount of medication will fix her.

The framers of the Constitution needed no clairvoyance for new technologies. Humans have changed little sense the age of stone knives and bear skins and they needed only to look about to see the harm that absolute power in the hands of an imperial government could do.

Mark Godwin, Lebanon