Letters to the Editor

Important facts

Writer David Vail appears to have overlooked some very important facts.

First of all, because someone is designated an Original Classification Authority does not mean they can decide willy-nilly the classification or non-classification of a document. There are rules that apply to this classification.

I held a top-secret clearance at Scott AFB for almost 25 years. Before I was assigned that clearance, I was given a briefing, along with a handout that outlined the criterion for top-secret, secret and confidential information. I’m sure Hillary Clinton received the same type of briefing but chose to ignore it.

Vail also writes that Clinton “did not disclose classified information to anyone without a clearance.” Vail doesn’t know that since he is not aware of whom Clinton sent emails to or from whom she received them. Since Clinton’s server was in her home in an unclassified environment, servants, visitors or anyone who was in her home could have access to it.

Having a clearance does not automatically entitle one to see classified documents; there must also be a “need to know.” Bill Clinton was obviously in the house; would he have had the need to know? Further, Clinton’s private lawyers, who did not possess any type of clearance, went through all of the information on Clinton’s server, including classified data. Hillary Clinton treated top-secret information like it was a Sears catalog. She is not qualified to be president.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville