Letters to the Editor

A weasel

Donald Trump’s handlers say that if he can only stay on message, read the teleprompter speech someone else has written, and stop tweeting at all hours of the night like a child, he’ll be fine. Do you think he can do that for four years?

Mr. Trump has no clue about the magnitude of the responsibilities of being President of the United States. His recklessness is only exceeded by his ignorance. His own son said that nobody tells his dad what to do, and Trump says he’s never made a mistake and apologizes to no one. Think what danger that puts our country in!

He’s an unethical, dishonest businessman who is proud to pay no taxes on his billions of dollars and thinks that makes him smart. He’s been through three wives, three campaign managers, six bankruptcies, and thousands of lawsuits. Seventy percent of everything he says is a lie.

He’s not smart; he’s a weasel, and I don’t want a weasel for my president. Do you?

Kathleen Callahan, Belleville