Letters to the Editor

Belle Valley

Belle Valley Grade School Superintendent Louis Obernuefemann and the school board, led by president Karen Kunz, continue to engage in improper and destructive behavior. Whenever a school board vacancy occurs, the board should initiate an extensive search for the most qualified person who can bring intellectual assets to the table. Instead, the board lets Superintendent Obernuefemann make his selection, and they simply approve his choice. This is highly improper. A superintendent should never choose a board member replacement.

An additional problem is that the superintendent appears to be insecure. He brings in candidates without any or no qualifications who will not challenge anything he does or does not do. His latest selection is another classic example of his filling a vacant seat with an unqualified individual.

The new board member is Jeramy Radliff, a 34-year-old Cahokia high school graduate who has bounced around and is involved with the Centerville Fire Department. Within minutes after swearing him in, the board voted to hire seven individuals. Not surprisingly, Radliff voted for each one without knowing anything about them — a real no-no. Both Obernuefemann and Radliff refused to answer the question as to why he would do such a thing. Well, we know the answer. He simply didn't know any better, and wanted to please Obernuefemann.

For a school to achieve success, it must have an educator at the helm and a responsible board. Belle Valley has neither.

Ted Farmer, Belleville